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now that this has been clarified, the question is basically this:

  • combine all elements from list a and list b, and if there are any duplicates, keep the one with the newest lastgameplayed.

i would do this with a grouping:

var players = from p in lista.concat(listb)
              group p by into g
              select g.orderbydescending(x => x.lastgameplayed).first();

if performance is an issue, there are "faster" ways to write this, but i would start with this.


you can write an o(n log n) solution by building a set from list2 then overwriting (or inserting) items with list1, then converting that set back to a list.

if the lists are already sorted, you could do it o(n) by merging by hand.


you should be able to use the linq enumerable extension concat and exept to achieve this.


this will remove items in b that match a, and them add the result to a.

you will have to write an iequalitycomparer which compares by id.

documentation for theses methods can be found here:

msdn enumerable extensions

iequalitycomparer documentation can be found here:

msdn iequalitycomparer

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