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TempProjectionItem is the element type of the sequence... just like an IEnumerable<int> (such as a List<int>) is a sequence of int values without int itself implementing IEnumerable.

Note that there are two sequence interfaces: System.Collections.IEnumerable and System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<T>. Obviously the latter is generic, representing a sequence of a particular type. So temp is a sequence of TempProjectionItem elements, and query is a sequence of string elements.

Neither of these is really a collection as such - the queries are executed lazily - it's only evaluated (starting with names) when you iterate over the data. Iterating over query involves iterating over temp which then iterates over names.


IEnumerable is an interface, isn't it? 

Yes, it is. Actually in your code you are using IEnumerable<T> which is a generic interface.

What kind of object is temp and query?

In your code we can see temp is type of IEnumerable<TempProjectionItem>, while query is an IEnumerable<string>, both of which come from IEnumerable<T>.

Why does TempProjectionItem not need to implement IEnumerable?

TempProjectionItem is not IEnumerable, it's just an item of the IEnumerable<TempProjectionItem> which is a "container".

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