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you can do this using nhibernate, since it supports ms access as a backend. here are the details of using nhibernate with ms access. it uses nhibernate.jetdriver.dll to access the jet data engine (ms access).

just realize that ms access isn't going to give you the same performance/support/etc as most other db backends with an orm.


i just answered my own question...

i can just establish the odbc connection in server explorer, and drag the tables straight into a predefined dataset and use a tableadapter.fill()


the dll for using nhibernate to acccess seems to be on sourceforge (just googling, not checking)
if you are just querying access, it might be worth defining views in a relationnal database this way you will have a solution for using a form of cache/snapshot later on(for example by converting your views into table that you refresh each hour/ 5min. etc depending on your expectations) if the performance degrade too much.

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