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You should never try to use text files as databases (if this is a serious job, for hobby projects who cares).

I revised your "batch" plus GetPopulation (and also added GetCapitol):

public interface IDatabase
    int? GetPopulation(string name);
    Capitol GetCapitol(string name);

public class Capitol
    public string CapitolName { get; set; }
    public string Country { get; set; }
    public int? Population { get; set; }

public class SingleTOnDatabase : IDatabase

    private System.Collections.Generic.List<Capitol> capitols;

    private SingleTOnDatabase()
        Console.WriteLine("Initializing database");

        int pop;
        capitols = (from batch in File.ReadAllLines("Capitols.txt").Batch(3)
                       let bArr = batch.ToArray()
                       where bArr.Length == 3
                       select new Capitol
                           CapitolName = bArr[0].Trim(),
                           Country = bArr[1].Trim(),
                           Population = int.TryParse(bArr[2], out pop) ? pop : (int?)null

    public int? GetPopulation(string name)
        var capitol = GetCapitol(name);
        return capitol?.Population;

    public Capitol GetCapitol(string name)
        return capitols.SingleOrDefault(c => c.CapitolName.ToLower().Trim() == name.ToLower().Trim());

    private static Lazy<SingleTOnDatabase> instance = new Lazy<SingleTOnDatabase>(() => new SingleTOnDatabase());
    public static SingleTOnDatabase Instance => instance.Value;

public class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)

        var db = SingleTOnDatabase.Instance;
        var city = "Den Haag";
        var Country = "Nederland";
        Console.WriteLine($"{Country} with {city} has population of: {db.GetPopulation(city)}");

        var city2 = "Tokyo";
        var cap = db.GetCapitol(city2);
        if (cap == null)
            Console.WriteLine($"Unknown city [{city2}].");
            Console.WriteLine($"{cap.CapitolName} is the capital of {cap.Country} and has population of: {cap.Population}");


Note: With your given sample text at top, this is the output I get:

Initializing database
Nederland with Den Haag has population of: 787875454
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and has population of: 8797987

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