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just set the body to be the second parameter, p2. you already have the reference.

var p1 = expression.parameter(relationshipitems.elementtype, "i");
var p2 = expression.parameter(instanceentities.elementtype, "o");
var body = p2;
var lambda = expression.lambda(body, p1, p2);


if, for the sake of example, we assume p1 is an int and p2 is a string then this:

var p1=expression.parameter(typeof(int),"i");
var p2=expression.parameter(typeof(string),"o");

var lambda=expression.lambda(p2,p1,p2);
var function=lambda.compile() as func<int,string,string>;
var result=function(10,"hello");

will generate a function that returns "o". the lambda will return the value in the last expression in its body, which in the above example is just the parameter p2.

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