Accepted answer

Lets break apart your query:


Single, as it is used here, basically says "filter BaseClassContainerCollection on this predicate" (a "filter" function that evaluates to true or false for whether or not to include it in the results). Instead of a function that returns true/false, you're saying you want it to evaluate to a MyBaseClass, which doesn't make sense. Your inner call to Single makes sense, because x => x.Id == guid is a function that returns true/false and filters to only those elements that meet the criteria (then states that you know there will only be one of them in the results or else throw an exception).

What you want to do is Select the single MyBaseClass result from the inner query, then call Single on the result (without a predicate) since you know the result should only have one item returned. I believe you're looking for:

BaseClassContainerCollection.Select(container => container.BaseClasses.Single(baseClass => baseClass.ID == specificGuid)).Single();

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