Accepted answer

You need to set the InsertOnSubmit directly on the context:

Edit: Using statement added. Reminder courtesy of @David Khaykin

using (DataClasses1DataContext myDbContext = new DataClasses1DataContext(dbPath))

    //Instantiate a new Hasher Object
    var hasher = new Hasher();

    hasher.SaltSize = 16;

    //Encrypts The password
    var encryptedPassword = hasher.Encrypt(txtPass.Text);

    Account newUser = new Account();

    newUser.accnt_User = txtUser.Text;
    newUser.accnt_Position = txtPosition.Text;
    newUser.accnt_Position = encryptedPassword;

    // Replace AccountTableName with the actual table
    // name found in your dbml's context

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