My suggestion is to use dependeny injection (or inversion of control - depends how would you like to call it). I use myself castle windor. Really simple to integrate with read more

When IoC is up and running create ContextManager. Somethig like this:

public class ContextManager : IContextManager
    private XContext context;

    public XContext GetContext()
        return context ?? (context = XContext.Create());

Set IContextManager lifestyle as perwebrequest and you got yourself context that you can access from repositories and services. and it's same per one request.


You also have to create your own controllerFactory

then you can use your services and repositories like this:

public class MyController : Controller
    public ISomeService SomeService { get; set; }
    public IContextManager ContextManager { get; set; }



You dont have to create new instances for services and repositories and you can manage those objects lifestyle from configuration. Most reasonable would be singleton

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