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This might be what your looking for:

Page firstPage = Session.Linq<Page>()
.OrderBy(page => page.Index)
.FirstOrDefault(page=> page.Location.URL == "some-location-url");

I'm making the assumption that the page has a Location property that relates back to the Location it belongs to and the .Index would be the property you want to order with.


Run the query against Page instead of against Location: you don't need to return the Location record at all.

(from p in AllPages
where p.Location.URL == "some-location-url"
select p).FirstOrDefault();

[Almost always when I get stuck with writing a LINQ query, I find it helps to start building the query from the bottom-most object in the parent-child relationships involved.]


Could you not add a order by directly to the mapping of the collection. You could then do

Page firstPage = Session.Linq<Location>()
              .Where(location => location.URL == "some-location-url")
              .Select(location => location.Pages.FirstOrDefault()).FirstOrDefault();

The FirstOrDefault may stop NHibernate making all the selects.

No Guarantee on this as I haven't got linq to nhibernate set up to test it.

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