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Try this(your code does not work because of you view wait for ContentPageNav item but you send a list of ContentPageNav):

public ActionResult Edit()
   using(DataClasses1DataContext dc = new DataClasses1DataContext())
     // here you can select some specific item from the ContentPageNavs list
     // Following query take first item from the list
     var model = dc.ContentPageNavs.FirstOrDefault();
     return View(model);


You are selecting a list of ContentPageNav into your model variable.

The view is expecting a ContentPageNav, not a list of them.

Try this:

var model = (from m in dc.ContentPageNavs
  select m).FirstOrDefault();


As the error indicates the types don't match. The view expects a single item but you are passing in a collection of items. Try passing this in as the model : (from m in dc.ContentPageNavs select m).FirstOrDefault();


It looks like your page is expecting a single ContentPageNav, not a LINQ expression. Try

return View(model.FirstOrDefault());


var model = dc.ContentPageNavs.FirstOrDefault();


Have a look at your view it is strongly typed. It should say something like


if you need a list you may want to consider using


or some kind of list ... your LINQ might be wrong though if this is not intended.

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