Accepted answer
values.Select(v => v.ToString()).ToArray();

or the one liner

string blah = string.Join(",", values.Select(v => v.ToString()).ToArray());


For those reading this question that aren't using LINQ (i.e. if you're not on .NET 3.x) there's a slightly more complicated method. They key being that if you create a List you have access to List.ToArray():

IList<int> numberList = new List<int> {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};

int[] intArray = new List<int>(numberList).ToArray();

string blah = string.Join(",", Array.ConvertAll(intArray, input => input.ToString()));

Not very efficient because you're then creating the input data, a List, an int array, and a string array, just to get the joined string. Without .NET 3.x your iterator method is probably best.


List<Int32> source= new List<Int32>()

} // Above is List of Integer

//I am Using ConvertAll Method of  List
//This function is use to convert from one type to another
//Below i am converting  List of integer to list of string 

List<String> result = source.ConverTAll(p=>p.toString());

string[] array = result.ToArray()

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