Accepted answer

try the following if it is actually of type list<t>.


var list = getsomelist();
list.foreach( x => somemethod(x) );
' alternatively

dim list = getsomelist();
list.foreach( function(x) somemethod(x) );

unfortunately .foreach is only defined on list<t> so it cannot be used on any general ienumerable<t> type. although it's easy to code such a function


public static void foreach<t>(this ienumerable<t> source, action<t> del) {
  foreach ( var cur in source ) {

<extension()> _
public sub foreach(of t)(source as ienumerable(of t), byval del as action(of t)
  for each cur in source
end sub

with this you can run .foreach on any ienumerable<t> which makes it usable from practically any linq query.

var query = from it in whatever where it.someproperty > 42;
query.foreach(x => log(x));


note to use the .foreach for you must chose a function that returns a value. it's a limitation of lambda expressions in 9 (vs 2009). but there is o work around. say you want to call somemethod which is a sub. simply create a wrapper which returns an empty value

sub somemethod(x as string) 
end sub

function somemethodwrapper(x as string)
  return nothing
end function

list.foreach(function(x) somemethod(x)) ' won't compile
list.foreach(function(x) somemethodwrapper(x)) ' works

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