Check the code mentioned in my question: Group by Weeks in LINQ to Entities. It shows how you can group your data by days and months. Let me know if you have any other questions.


This is probably a bug in MySQL connector. My solution for that was to place .ToList() just before .GroupBy().


Func<DateTime, object> groupByClause;
if (groupByDay) groupByClause = date => date.Date;
else if (groupByMonth) groupByClause = date => new { date.Year, date.Month};
else throw new NotSupportedException("Some option should be chosen");

var result = data.Where(d => d.Type == "Deposit")
                 .Select(g => new { DateKey = g.Key,
                                    TotalDepositAmount = g.Sum(d => d.Amount),
                                    DepositCount = g.Count(),

Of course this should be checked whether linq-2-entities will accept it.

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