Check the code mentioned in my question: Group by Weeks in LINQ to Entities. It shows how you can group your data by days and months. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Func<DateTime, object> groupByClause;
if (groupByDay) groupByClause = date => date.Date;
else if (groupByMonth) groupByClause = date => new { date.Year, date.Month};
else throw new NotSupportedException("Some option should be chosen");

var result = data.Where(d => d.Type == "Deposit")
                 .Select(g => new { DateKey = g.Key,
                                    TotalDepositAmount = g.Sum(d => d.Amount),
                                    DepositCount = g.Count(),

Of course this should be checked whether linq-2-entities will accept it.


This is probably a bug in MySQL connector. My solution for that was to place .ToList() just before .GroupBy().

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