Are the CXPACKET waits actually a problem?

When SQL Server receives a query it optimizes it. If the estimated cost of the query is greater then the Cost Threshold for Parallelism it will consider a parallel query. It is always possible to raise this threshold if too many queries are being parallelized.

I would like to know if there is any difference between the entity framework query and your query that could push the estimated cost up.

Either way, CXPATCKET waits are NOT a problem. They are a natural part of any parallel query and we aren't paying extra money for quad core servers with multiple threads so we can run everything in a series. Another thing to check is the network.

When streaming IO over a network this can take more time if you are returning a bunch of results. That is why running a query in SQL Server Management studios can return quickly but your query from another server can take awhile.

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