just found this;

long story short; client evaluation is no longer working in EFCore 3.1 meaning this type of query (comparing a clientside list to a serverside list) doesn't work. You need to bring it to the client. My collegue pointed out to me just now that I didn't appreciate the error message to it's full potential :).

Changed my query as follows (not optimal, but no other solution yet):

var selectionCriteria = someHugeList.Select(sh => new { sh.Id, sh.StatusCode }).ToList()
var resultsQry = _myContext.SomeClass
                           .Include(sc => sc.DetailRecords)
                           .AsEnumerable() // this is the important part, pulling all the records client side so we can execute the .Any on the client.
                           .Where(sc => selectionCriteria.Any(crit => crit.Id == sc.Id 
                                                                   && crit.StatusCode == sc.StatusCode));

var results = await resultsQry.ToList() // no more async, because clientside

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