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Looks like you trying to use Linq2Sql with Sqlite which isn't supported by default (only SQL Server and SQL Server CE are supported), see this question for more details.

Have a look at using Entity Framework, which supports Sqlite, instead.


I just went through this and tried to implement. Got same error, then found that we can create database using SQLiteConnection as so:


And then using "db" you can do all database operation. Try it.


I have found this to work for me.

            string fileDB = "Data Source=:memory:";
            SQLiteConnection conn = new SQLiteConnection(fileDB);
            DataContext db = new DataContext(conn);

Using a file, credits to this guy for the file path.

string fileDB = "Data Source=" + Directory.GetParent(Environment.CurrentDirectory).Parent.Parent.FullName +

First check the company example of Linq2SQL here.

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