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You can do this:

var cat_id=1; // Change this variable for your real cat_id

var query= from article in db.Articles
           where article.Categories.Any(c=>c.Category_ID==cat_id)
           select article;

This way you will get the articles that satisfies the condition you want. This is the sql code that is generated by that query:

    [Extent1].[Id] AS [Id], 
    [Extent1].[Title] AS [Title]
    FROM [dbo].[Articles] AS [Extent1]
        1 AS [C1]
        FROM [dbo].[ArticleCategories] AS [Extent2]
        WHERE ([Extent1].[Id] = [Extent2].[Article_Id]) AND ([Extent2].[Category_Id] = @p__linq__0))


Another option could be using SelectMany extension method (as @Khaled pointed out) starting your query from Categories instead of Articles:

var query= db.Categories.Where(c=>c.Category_ID==cat_id).SelectMany(c=>Articles);

That would generate an Inner join instead of the EXIST that is product of Any extension method.


Add and query the junction table:

  var articles = (from ca in _context.CategoryArticles
                  inner join a in _context.Articles on a.Id equals ca.Article_Id
                  inner join c in _context.Catgories on c.Id equals ca.Category_Id
                  where ca.Category_Id equals catId
                  select c).ToList();


If you just want the whole table including all the relationships, maybe try something like this:

List<CategoryArticle> rec = context.Category.SelectMany(a => a.Articles.Select(c => new CategoryArticle { Category_Id = c.Id, Article_Id = a.Id })).ToList();


I just ran into this and figured I'd post the solution I found for anyone stumbling across this page. This produces an INNER JOIN.

var category_id = 24;

var query = (from article in Articles
             from category in article.Categories.Where(x => x.Category_ID == category_id)
             select article);


Example linq method syntax

int category_ID = 1;

var query = db.Articles
    .Where(a => a.Categories
    .Any(c => c.Category_ID == category_ID))


How about

db.Categories.Where(c => c.Id == categoryId).SelectMany(c => c.Articles)?

This should work fine (produce the right joined sql statement.)

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