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You need to assembly an Expression<Func<T, bool>> and pass it to the Where() extension method:

Expression<Func<T, bool>> whereClause = a => == 23456;
var x = frSomeList.Where(whereClause);

EDIT: If you're using LINQ to Objects, remove the word Expression to create an ordinary delegate.


Can try:

var lstQ_Buffer = new List<Q_Buffer>();


lstQ_Buffer = unitOfWork.Q_BufferRepository.Get().ToList();

Then apply where

if (lstQ_Buffer.Count > 0)
    lstQ_Buffer = lstQ_Buffer.Where(q => q.fkProgramId == programId && q.fkYearId == yearId && q.fkSemesterId == semesterId && q.fkCourse_ModuleId == courseModuleId && q.fkSubject_SpecialtyId == subjectSpecialtyId && q.fkSubSpecialtyId == subSpecialtyId && q.fkTopicId == topicId && q.fkSubTopicId == subTopicId && q.fkDifficultyLevelId == diffucultyLevelId).ToList();


That's a built-in Feature of LINQ. Just use the Where extension method.

See LINQ Query Syntax versus Method Syntax (C#) for more information.


As Richard has pointed out, the Dynamic Query Library can be used to build dynamic filter expressions. When using Linq-To-Objects make sure to convert your IEnumerable<T> to a IQueryable<T> first. Here is an (incomplete) example:

using System.Linq.Dynamic;

namespace System.Linq.Dynamic
  public class Example
   // Assuming some value is assigned to below field somewhere... 
   private IEnumerable<Address> m_Addresses;

   public void FilterByZipCode(string zipCode)
      var x = m_Addresses.AsQueryable().Where("Zip == @0", zipCode);

  public class Address
     public String Zip { get; set; }

     // More Properties...  



var query = from something in someList where whereClause;

is shorthand for:

var query = someList.Where(something => whereClause);

Assuming someList is an IEnumerable<Address>, Where refers to the Enumerable.Where Extension Method. This method expects a Func<Address, bool> which you can define as follows:

Func<Address, bool> whereClause = address => address.Zip == 23456;
var query = someList.Where(whereClause);

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