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The Microsoft implementation of LINQ source is not available for you to use. LINQ will not work with .NET 2.0. You will need at least .NET 3.5.


Old Question, but interesting.

Source code of linq (part of .Net framework) is now available Reference Source

Also, in github github-Microsoft NET Reference Source


You might want to try LINQBridge.


LINQ is not merely classes, it is upgraded compiler as well to understand Anonymous classes, methods, lambda expressions etc. You can use LINQ in 2.0 as well. Create seperate project, set framework 3.5. And it will work in 2.0 projects. Only thing u will miss is intellisense in VS 2005.


You can use mono's LINQ source code. It is highly compatible with .NET's LINQ.

Update: Even better, original .NET source now is available.

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