Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) to power in watts (W) calculator and calculation formula.
Please Input the energy in Kwh, consumption time duration in hours and click the Calculate button for obtaining result.

Energy (in kilowatt-hours): kWh
Time in hours: hr
Power result (in watts): W

How do I convert kilowatts to watts (W)?

Kilowatts-hour to watts calculation formula

P=The power P in watts (W)
E=the energy E in kilowatt-hour (kWh)
t=the time period t in hours

P(in W) = 1000 × E(in kWh) / t(in hr)

So that you can re-write this formula as

watt(p) = kilowatt-hour(E) / hour

or you can re-write this formula as

W = 1000 × kWh / h

Lets take one example
I want to Calculate the the power consumption in watts when the energy consumption is 21 kilowatt-hour for time
periods of 6 hours?
P = 1000 × 21 kWh / 6 h
  = 3500 W
What is kWh?(Kilo Watt-Hour)
A kilowatt represent unit of power, about 4/3 hp.if  An electric kettle is rated with 2000 W, would be 2 kilowatts.

Power * time is energy.

So a kilowatt-hour is a unit of energy .One can think of a kilowatt – second is a cup – kelvin.
So our jug using 1.8 kw, holds say 7 cups.We want to raise it from say 25 C to 85 C for our coffee, so we need 60 kelvins * 7 cups = 420 cup-kelvins.
This is delivered at 1.8 kw-s, so we divide by 9/5, of multiply by 5/9.  5*210 = 1050, divide by 9 gives 116.6 seconds.So your jug takes about two minutes to boil.
The unit is what one buys electricity in.  A television running at 333W for 12 hours gives 12*333/1000 = 4 kWh.
Find out how many watts are completed in an hour.
If you have a 80W CFL LIGHT bulb, and in each hour the CFL LIGHT bulb is turned on, it consume 60W of power.
Step for conversion:
you have to Divide the number of watts by that number in watts converted to kilowatts.
 80W/1000 results is 0.08kW.

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