Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) to power in kilowatts (kW) calculator and conversion
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How to Convert Kilowatts-hour to kilowatts?

Kilowatts-hour to kilowatts calculation formula

P=The power P in kilowatts (kW)
E=the energy E in kilowatt-hour (kWh)
t=time period t in hours (hr)

P(in kW) = E(in kWh) / t(in hr)

So that you can rewrite this formula as

kilowatt = kilowatt-hour / hour

or So that you can rewrite this formula as

kW = kWh / h

Let’s take one example Example
I want to calculate the  power consumption in kilowatts where energy consumption is 20 kilowatt-hour for a time period of 4 hours?
P = 20 kWh / 3 h
   =4 kW
What is kWh? (Kilo Watt-Hour)
A kilowatt is a unit of measurement of power. An electric device is rated at with 2000 W, should be 2.0 kilowatts.

Power * time is energy

So that you can say a kilowatt-hour represent energy.
Differences b/w kWh and kW?
Kilowatts-KW is the sum of power used at any given time.
Kilowatt-hours-Kwh is a unit of energy in 1 KW per hour of time.
Some examples:
A standard 100 watt light bulb will use .1 KW. If it is left on for 10 hours exactly, it will use 1 Kwh.
A string of Christmas lights totaling 40 watts is plugged for 8 hours. The string uses .04 KW. Over 8 hours it will use 32 Kwh.
Power companies measure consumption of power in Kwh because instantaneous demand is not what is important. It is the long-term usage of power that is important.
If you’ve ever looked at the power meter on the side of your house or apartment complex, you will see that it displays units of Kwh. While it is true that some appliances like your air conditioner have very high peak power demands when starting up, this is generally insignificant cost wise to the power company, as the capacity and infrastructure are in place to handle that demand.
Watts represent how many joules of work can be done in one second.Watts are commonly used to specify how much power an electrical device consumes.
Kilowatt hours represents energy and Kilowatt hours are used to find out how much work can be done in an hour.

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