Joules to watts calculator

Joules to watts calculator

Input the energy in joules, time duration in seconds and click the Calculate button to obtain

energy in watts.

Input energy in joules: J
Input time in seconds: s
Power result (in watts): W

How to convert joules to watts?

Joules to watts calculation formula

P=The power P in watts (W)
E=The energy E in joules (J)
t=The time duration t in seconds (s):

P(in Watts) = E(in Joule) / t(seconds)

So that you can define power as

watt(w) = joule(j) / second(s)

Let’s take an Example
Find out the power(P) consumption of an electrical circuit where energy(E) is 100 joules for time period of 5 seconds in the circuit
P(W) = 100J / 5s = 20W

Ashok Patel

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