Online Joules (J) to volts (V) calculator.
Use this Online tools for joules to volts conversion.Input the energy in joules(J), charge(Q) in coulombs and click the Calculate button to obtain Volts(V)

 energy (in joules): J
 charge (in coulombs): C
Voltage result in volts: V

How to convert energy in joules to electrical voltage in volts?

Joules to volts Conversion formula

V(V) = E(in Joule) / Q(in coulombs)

using above formula you can define The voltage(in volts) is equivalent to the energy E(in joules), divided by the charge Q(in coulombs)
So that you can rewrite formula like this

volt(V) = joule(J) / coulomb(C)
V = J / C
Let’s take one example

Calculate the voltage supply in a circuit, which has energy utilization of 120 joules(J) and charges flow of 6 coulombs(C)
V = 120J / 6C = 20V

Using above formula you can perform following conversion easily
  • 200 joules to volts
  • 360 joules to volts
  • 150 joules to volts
  • 160 joules to volts
  • 300 joules to volts

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