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Below HSV to RGB converter takes input as and then convert input(hue, saturation, value))
to a Red, Green, and Blue(i.e r, g, b values fall within the range 0-255) color code.

Enter hue (H): %
Enter saturation (S): %
Enter value (V): %
RGB hex code (#):
Red color (R):
Green color (G):
Blue color (B):
Color preview:

HSV to RGB ConversionĀ 

If you are a web developer looking to develop an HSV to RGB color picker tool.below you can find the javascript code.

hsv to rgb javascript function

 <script type="text/javascript">
            function hsvtorgb(h,s,v) {
            if (h == "") h = 0;
            if (s == "") s = 0;
            if (v == "") v = 0;
                h = parseFloat(h);
                s = parseFloat(s);
                v = parseFloat(v);
            if (h < 0) h = 0;
            if (s < 0) s = 0;
            if (v < 0) v = 0;
            if (h >= 360) h = 359;
            if (s > 100) s = 100;
            if (v > 100) v = 100;
                s /= 100;
                v /= 100;
                C = v * s;
                hh = h / 60;
                X = C * (1 - Math.abs(hh % 2 - 1));
                r = g = b = 0;
            if (hh >= 0 && hh < 1) {
                    r = C;
                    g = X;
            else if (hh >= 1 && hh < 2) {
                    r = X;
                    g = C;
            else if (hh >= 2 && hh < 3) {
                    g = C;
                    b = X;
            else if (hh >= 3 && hh < 4) {
                    g = X;
                    b = C;
            else if (hh >= 4 && hh < 5) {
                    r = X;
                    b = C;
            else {
                    r = C;
                    b = X;
                m = v - C;
                r += m;
                g += m;
                b += m;
                r *= 255.0;
                g *= 255.0;
                b *= 255.0;
                r = Math.round(r);
                g = Math.round(g);
                b = Math.round(b);
                hex = r * 65536 + g * 256 + b;
                hex = hex.toString(16, 6);
                len = hex.length;
            if (len < 6)
            for (i = 0; i < 6 - len; i++)
                        hex = '0' + hex;
                hex="#"+ hex.toUpperCase();

What are Color Models?

A color model is a system to prepare a whole range of colors from a small set of primary colors.
Color models are of two types, one which is additive color and the other that is subtraction color.
Additive color models use lights to display colors while subtraction color model uses to printing.
The colors that are felt in the additive color models are the result of transmitted light, while the colors displayed in subtraction models are the result of replaced light.additive color models display the colors as a result of the transmitted light. Therefore, the complete absence of light can be called black because subtraction color models display the colors as a result of the light absorbed.Each color display system is capable of handling colors in a limited number of times at any given time.
Systems with minimal capacity are also able to show 16 different colors for any given image.
While high capacity systems are able to show 16 million colors or more in a single screen.

The total number of colors handled by the monitor depends on the memory capacity of the video controller card.This card works as an interface between computer and display device, which is known as Video Random Access Memory (VRAM).
The screen of the color display system is made up of small points called pixels.In this way, the total number of colors that can be made by any number of displays by the system depends on the quantity of color data.Which can be stored within Video Random Access Memory. In the video Random Access Memory, the number of colors I store in each bit is actually the total number of all possible 0-1 combination. Ultimately, the total number of memory bits in Video Random Access Memory that is dedicated to color data storage determines the total number of colors that will be available for display at any time.
The screen is made up of small points called pixels, at a time there are several pixels on the screen, which is called the monitor's resolution.
The color of the computer monitor is usually expressed as a quantity of red, green and blue. It takes more computer memory and its processing speed is also high so that more combinations of the value of red, green and blue colors can be managed and displayed, which makes more shades of colors for the eyes.

Models or methods that are used to determine the colors in the form of computer terms such as RGB, HSB, CMYK, CIE, etc.One way to define a color model is to set two or more primary colors.
Which are mixed to make different other colors three common color models defined with primary colors are RGB and CMYK MODELS.

Video Monitor displays use the RGB model while hard copy devices make color output using the CMYK model. Using a 24 bit RGB model,
you can set a value in which each result of red, green and blue color is set to a value that is in the range of 0 to 255.

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