Today’s post is for our Newbie Blogger Friends who want to earn money through their website or blog. Every new blogger or the website administrator is worried about how his blog’s popularity increases and when he earns some money from his blog.

If you want to create your own blog or website or you have not yet created your website, then first read this post in detail – How to Create a Blog or Website?
If you are a new blogger! So I can understand your heart that you are trying to earn money from your blog as soon as possible. But in reality, there is nothing like that. Earning money from blogging is not as easy as sitting in a canteen and drinking cold drinks.

This would require time, hard work and normality. It is like a ladder in which you have to take one step after the other and when you reach the top, no one can count it. Blogging can give you success to this extent.

The way of earning from blogging is different, Bloggers do not take any amount from Direct User.
But Indirectly Bloggers’ Income depends on Users only.There are many ways of online income from blogging. But the new blogger does not know about all the methods.
In this post, I will talk to you about the top 10 ways to earn money from Blogging. Also, you will know how to generate extra income from Blogging. There are many ways to earn money online, but blogging is the best way

You can earn online money by easily working from home through blogging.

For this, you will have to create a blog and then publish good high-quality content in it, due to which the traffic of the blog will increase and there is traffic = money in blogging.Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from it. It gets money for per click. But apart from this, there are many ways in which we will know more about in this post in detail.Today we will tell you 10 powerful ways that will help you to earn money from your blog.

Top 10 ways to get extra income from blogging

Who doesn’t want to earn money! But no one wants to work hard for that. Let me tell you that To earn from blogging, Smart Work has to be done with Hard Work and dedication. Patience is also very important to earn money from blogging.

1. First of all, apply for Adsense Ads today.

Adsense is the advertising network of Google which allows publishing ads on any eligible website.
The publisher receives revenue from Adsense when people click on Ads. Adsense is the highest revenue-generating company in the world.This is good for those websites whose website has a lot of web traffic.

To publish Google Adsense ads on your website, it is very important to read Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is because no website gets Publisher Approval from Google Adsense without meeting Google’s terms.
If your website gets Approval then it is also important to pay attention whether you are publishing ads on your website at the right place or not. If you have not put Adsense ads on your website according to their terms, then even Google Adsense can punish you by blocking your account.

2. Other Banner Ads

If for some reason you do not get approval from Adsense, then there are many more Ads Network websites on the internet which allow the advertisement to be published online and also the chance to earn good money.
Some of the great Alternatives of Google Adsense 2016 on the Internet, which are very famous in sharing Revenue: –

  •  Adsterra
  •  Meridian at
  •  Easy Monetizer at
  •  Amazon Display ads

you can many more advertise company.

3. Affiliate networks

If the traffic of your website is very high, then it would be right to choose any good affiliate network instead of choosing the advertising network to earn money. The selling of products of any good company through its website is called Affiliate Marketing. In such a situation, the product company gives the website owner some pay as the commission of the price of that product.
You can put Affiliate Ads on your website in many ways like in your post, in the sidebar, through link ads and you through Pop Up Ads.

4. Ebook Writing and Selling Ebook

If you are a good writer and want to sell your books, then creating your blog is a very good idea. If you want, you can sell your written ebook as PDF on your website or blog. You can also sell others’ ebooks on your blog through affiliate marketing.

5. Advertise others’ ads and links on your website

There are many websites which require Paid traffic for their website, in such a situation, they take help of those websites who take some money and put a link or banner on their website for some time.
If you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog by making your website awesome and helpful, then you can also place Paid Link Ads on your blog.

6. Sell Your Blog or Website

If the Earning of your website is good but you do not want to proceed with that website. So you can sell your website on websites like for a good price.

7. Software and Apps

If you know how to create or design software, you can sell it on your website. Like Android apps, Windows apps, Ios Apps or any other platform.

8. Sponsored Post

People can write posts on their blog, but it takes more time to earn money because to get traffic to any new website on the Internet, posts with good keywords are needed.
In such a situation, a new way to earn money quickly is to write a Paid post or sponsored post for another website.If thousands of people visit your website every day, then you can earn a lot of money from sponsored posts.
In a sponsored post, the Admin / Author of the blog or website writes a detailed post on his blog about any other product or company.For which Amount Paid is done to that website owner.

9. Put Donation Panel on your website

You can put a Donation Panel in the sidebar of your website or in the tabs below for readers of your website.

10. Providing Online Services

You can also provide many types of online services on your blog or website. You can also make your website or blog like a community where people can solve their problems.You can provide many types of tools on your website that can help people in solving the problem of online.

If you are a teacher, you can also teach students online on your website. If you are a doctor, then you can solve the problems of the patient online.You can start services related to the topic on which you write a blog. You can start Paid Services for web design, SEO, logo creation, blog create, post writing. This is a great way. Looking at the market rate, decide the rate of your services.
Provide a good service from the market.

11. Direct Advertisements

No Doubt Adsense is the best way but in this Publisher (Bloggers) gets 60% to 70% of the total advertisement cost. If you are involved in a direct advertisement then you can earn more.

All bloggers will definitely be aware of the term condition of Adsense. In direct advertising, there is direct interaction with the client. Blog’s traffic should be good for direct advertisement. Local Ad can easily be found from the city you belong to. This requires little marketing skills. Check on which keyword your blog comes on the top rank. Talk to the same business owner.

12. Referral Income

Referral Income is also similar to Affiliate Income but the only difference is that Affiliate pays for Per Sale Whereas Referral Pay for Per Join. Join means signup. This is the easiest way to earn money from a blog or website.

13.Paid Reviews

Making money from Paid reviews is not easy. Because to earn from Paid Reviews Blog must be popular and Authentic. But if a blogger builds his credibility, then Paid Reviews to start getting. If you want a paid review soon then you have to work on Micro Niche Blogging.

14. Amazon Affiliate

If your blog or websites is on Product Review, Product Specifications or Product Comparison then Amazon Affiliate is a very good option. Let me tell you that Amazon Affiliate gives commission up to 10 to 20%.

15. Create a Physical Product

This option is also for a popular blog. A popular blogger can earn good money by creating some physical product and selling them.Physical Product can have many Products. According to blogger blogging, Niche can choose the product.

16. Consultation

If you are skilled in any skill then you can earn money through consulting. You can start a blog in your area of expertise. There are endless consulting options in the areas of health and software, fitness, design, sales, marketing, and recruitment.

For example, I made $ 2 million last year through content marketing consulting. A startup company pays me $ 100 per hour because it can take rapid marketing decisions by leveraging my experience.


BidVertiser is a PPC (Pay Per Click) network that pays every time a visitor clicks on ads.


Freelancing is a valuable way to earn money by working at home. In this, you take different assignments with many different companies, organizations or individuals at the same time and delivered them by completing the task on the scheduled time.

In return, the concerned company, organization or person provides you the payment for the work done by you.There are many features of freelancing such as, working from the place of your choice, scheduling work yourself, determining the value of your work, etc. Today in the Time of Internet, you have a lot of Opportunities for Freelancing.

So my blogger friend! How did you like this post? If you want to include something in the list, then comment and tell.

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