MS Access users sometimes encounter errors while working on the application. One such error is the error 3343 that occurs when Microsoft Access does not recognize the database format. This error usually occurs when the frxque32.mdb file is corrupt.

In addition, there might be several reasons that may lead to the MS Access error 3343. In this post, we will discuss the reasons that may result in the Access error 3343 - unrecognized database format and the solutions to resolve the error. It also outlines the professional software to repair the corrupted access database file.

Reasons for MS Access Error 3343

Here are some reasons that may lead to the error 3343 in MS Access:

  • Opening the Access database file of the latest version in an older version.
  • Corrupted MS Access database.
  • Corrupted frxque32.mdb file.
  • Microsoft Office is not updated.
  • Microsoft FRx using corrupted jet databases.
  • Microsoft Access jet engine incompatibility.
  • Bad sectors on the system hard drive where the MS Access file is stored.
  • Hardware or software issues.

Methods to Fix MS Access Error 3343

You can follow the below solutions to fix the error 3343 in MS Access.

Open Database in Correct MS Access Version 

You may encounter the MS Access error 3343 when trying to open the database file of the older version (2003 or earlier) of MS Access in a newer version (2010 or later). You need to review the software version and the database file extension. If you’ve .mdb file, ensure you’re opening it in MS Access 2003 or lower version. If you’ve .accdb file, then open it in MS Access 2007 or later version.  

Fix the frxque32.mdb File

The frxque32.mdb file is stored in the FRx SysData directory. This directory contains all the necessary files for the FRx applications. You may encounter the MS Access error 3343 if the frxque32.mdb file is corrupted. This error usually occurs when you launch the Queue Monitor and there is an invalid QueDirectory setting in the system.cfg file. 

To resolve the issue, follow the below steps to restore the frxque32.mdb file:

  • Open the FRx Queue Directory and then locate the frxque32.mdb file.
  • Rename the frxque32.mdb file (for example: frxque32.mdb.old).
  • Now search for the frxque32.tpl file in the directory, create a copy of this file, and then rename the copy as frxque32.mdb.
  • Restart MS Access and try to open the database.

Import Data into a New MS Access Database

You can try importing the data from the affected database into a new MS Access database. Here are the steps:

  • Open the MS Access application.
  • Select Blank Database.
  • Click the Create option to create a new database.
  • In the new database file window, click the External Data option.
  • Click on Import Access Database.
  • On the Get External Data-Access Database window, click the Browse tab to select the database file.
  • You will see two options on the window. Choose any one and click OK.
  • On the Import Objects window, select the database objects and click OK.

Repair the Corrupt Database

You may encounter the MS Access error 3343 if the database file is corrupted. In such a case, you can use the built-in “Compact and Repair” utility in MS Access to repair the corrupted database file. Follow the below-given steps to repair the database using this utility:

Note: The below process is to repair the database that is not opening.

  • Open Microsoft Access.
  • On the Templates window, double-click the Blank Database option.
  • Click File and then click Close. 
  • Choose Database Tools and then click Compact and Repair Database.
  • On the Database to Compact from window, browse and select the database you want to repair. Click Compact.
  • Select a location to save the repaired database file and click Save.
  • Wait till the process completes and then check the recovered data.

If the Compact and Repair tool does not work or fails to repair the corrupted access database file, then you can use a third-party Access repair tool, like Stellar Repair for Access. This software can easily repair severely corrupt or damaged .accdb/.mdb files and recover all the data with complete integrity. 


The Microsoft Access error 3343 may occur due to multiple reasons. You can use the methods discussed in the post to fix the Access error 3343 - unrecognized database format. If the MS Access error 3343 occurs due to corrupted database file, you can use the Compact and Repair utility in MS Access to repair the file. If it doesn’t work, you can use a professional Access database repair software like Stellar Repair for Access to repair the corrupt file and recover all its data.