Refrigerator(fridge) power consumption depends on lots of things, such as how much its star ratings are 5 stars, 4 stars or 2-star rating, size of Fridge.

A Refrigerator will use from 100 to 450 watts depending on the size of the Refrigerator, a large Refrigerator will use about 200 watts or 1700 kWh yearly.

This is a free online refrigerator power consumption calculator using below tools you can easily calculate your electricity cost.

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How much electricity does a fridge use?

Using the power monitor device, I have performed the same test on my refrigerator(250 ltr) at my home, and I found that it consumes 1.2 kWh per day.
Let’s taken an Example
If your refrigerator operates 24 h a day. Let’s assume your refrigerator used 400 watts of electricity.
Find out energy consumption(Watts Per Day)

400 watts X 24 hours = 9,600 watt-hours per day

Convert watts to kilowatt-hours (because electricity is measure in kWh on your electricity bill)

9,600 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 9.6 kWh per day

Let’s find out how much electricity used Over a Month

9.6 kWh per day X 30 days = 288 kWh per month

Now Find Out the Cost

288 kWh per month x $0.20 per kWh = $57.6 per month

@assuming per unit cost $.2

How many watts does a refrigerator use per day?

The power consumption of refrigerator is around between 100 and 600 watts but energy usage of refrigerator depends on various factor like Size of the(i.e 250 ltr,185 ltr), the technology used by the manufacturer, environmental factors, Location of the fridge(poor ventilation area take consume more energy), Usage(if the fridge door opens very frequently then compressor need to do extra work so that it will consume more energy), Temperature of the fridge, can also find the wattage of your fridge in the device manual given by the manufacturer.

How much electricity does an old fridge use?

Old fridge consumes more power as compared to the new model fridge.Average power consumption of the refrigerators between 300 to 800 watts. Let’s take an example and say you old fridge model uses 500 watts

500 watts X 24 hours = 1,2000 watt-hours per day
1,2000 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 12 kWh per day
12 kWh per day X 30 days = 360 kWh per month
360 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ 36 per month

If your fridge is more than 20 years old and has continuous maintenance related problems, then it is the right time to change it. The old refrigerator consumes three times more electricity than the new one.

Refrigerator Power Consumption Chart

Capacity of the Fridge Avg.Wattage of the fridge consumption (kWh)/year Electricity cost/year
100-199 100 876 $87.66
200-299 150 1314 $131.49
300-399 200 1752 $175.32
400-499 250 2190 $219.15
500-599 300 2628 $262.98
600-699 400 3504 $350.64

@assuming per unit cost 10 cents

Tips to reduce your refrigerator power consumption

Contributions of Fridges is about 12-15% in your house electricity bill, using them efficiently.we can reduce the bill significantly. buying a star rated refrigerator can be an efficient start,but with that, many operations procedures should also be taken care of:

1. According to the Energy Guide, with the temperature increase of every 5-6 degree centigrade,the energy consumption of a refrigerator increases by 40%, this increase can greatly affect the bill.

2. Keeping the refrigerator in the right place is very important.The adequate place will increase
the refrigeration cooling efficiency.

3. Do not fill the refrigerator completely as it stops the flow of cold air, which reduces
its efficiency.

4. Make sure to cool the food at room temperature before putting in the fridge

5. Do not open the refrigerator door unnecessarily because outside heat enters which reduces the capacity of the fridge. Before opening the door, decide what you want to do.

6. Set the temperature to moderate cooling for optimum cooling and lower bills.Higher cooling mode consumes more power(up to 25%).

7. Always cover the fluid in the fridge as the moisture emitted from the fluid can affect the condenser’s performance.

8. Do not allow ice to accumulate in your fridge due to ice accumulation unwanted insulation occurs which reduces the efficiency of the condenser. Regularly defrost the fridge to maintain the efficiency of the fridge.

9. Keep cleaning the fridge regularly, so that dust cannot be stored on the fridge coils and the grill that consumes the air.Due to dust accumulation, the motor may have to work more,which consumes a lot of electricity.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips and Tricks

1. Clean the door seal 2 times a year

The door seal is an important part of the refrigerator. It is very important to take care of your fridge for a long age.

door seal

First of all, it should be checked that the food is not sticking on the seal. Clean it twice a year with a toothbrush or baking soda. An easy test can be done to check whether the door seal is correct or not.

how to do this test …
For this, place a paper in the center of the door and close the refrigerator gate. Half the paper will be outside and half inside. If this paper slips easily then the door seal needs repair.

2. Keep the fridge full

The refrigerator requires stuff to maintain a low temperature. Therefore it is necessary to keep it full but not over stuff.

fill stuff
Cool food and drinks absorb hot air that comes inside when you open the fridge. If you are going out for a few days or the fridge is not being used and still keep some stuff in it. For this, you can put water bottles also.

3. Check the condenser coil

referigator condenser coil

If dust will accumulate on the condenser coil of the fridge, then your fridge will not work properly. It is extremely important to clean it once in 6 months. Don’t forget to unplug the refrigerator before cleaning it.

4. Set the right temperature

If you have set the refrigerator temperature too low, then the fridge will have to take more load to maintain it. And compressors have to do more work.

So keep the refrigerator temperature between 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 4 degrees Celsius). Also, the freezer temperature should be 0 degrees. It is considered the ideal temperature for fridges and freezers.

6. Do not keep warm  food

Avoid keeping the hot food in the fridge as much as possible. Allow the food to cool to room temperature before placing it in the fridge. By doing this the hot air will not go into the fridge and the compressors will have to work less.

warm food

We heat all the food, and eat only a bit of it. The worst thing about it is that you take a little bit of food and keep the rest of the hot food in the fridge again. This puts pressure on compressor of the fridge and bacteria also flourish.

7. Weekly Interior Cleaning

It is extremely important to wash the interior of the fridge once a week. Often people are very careless about this.
A sponge should be used to clean it. You can clean the shelves and walls of the fridge by using soapy water. Similarly, the door and handle of the fridge should be cleaned.

9. Dot not Open the fridge repeatedly

Many times we open the fridge and spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat and then it becomes a habit. By doing this, the cool air inside the fridge goes out and the warm air goes inside. This affects the cooling process.

Many people forget to close after opening the refrigerator, which is a big mistake. When the fridge is open, it takes more time to refrigerate the compressor of the fridge. This can also spoil the food kept in the fridge.

10. Cover the food

Whenever you open the refrigerator, every time a new smell comes out of it. This means that you do not properly store food in the should be kept so that his smell does not come out.

Different Uses of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are common household appliances in our home.which we are use to protect food items for longer periods of time and to cool down water for ice, etc.

1. The refrigerator is used everywhere i.e in normal home,shop or in a large mall. Where we have to cool down any type of food or run longer, the fridge is used.

2. In homes, refrigerators are used to preserve foods and to cool food and beverages, etc.It is used in hospitals to keep pharmaceuticals at a balanced temperature.

3. Some medications work well at a balanced temperature, so they need a controlled temperature. It is very important to use the refrigerator to keep these drugs functioning properly.

4. It is used in the laboratory for chemical reaction, there are some chemicals that depend on the temperature, that’s why it can be saved by putting those chemicals at a temperature of the body.

5. In addition, the refrigerator is used in large companies where huge amounts of food are stored or made to a product and store it.

A normal refrigerator consists of two to three different parts.

In which the top part is used for ice,The middle part is used to cool down beverages such as water milk cold drink etc.and the bottom part we use to keep vegetables.

refrigeratoar parts

The refrigeration cycle is used to reduce the temperature in the refrigerator and to control it at a balanced temperature.

Refrigerators are a variety of types that are used in different places. We have a normal refrigerator in our house,but there are different types of refrigerator in a store or in a factory.

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