Artificial intelligence has streamlined as well as automated various tasks that humans used to do. It has developed multiple machine-learning equipment to revolutionize the working processes.

In this revolution, AI didn’t leave the writing field unchanged. It has developed an ocean of online writing assisting tools and AI paraphrasing tools are one of them.

These tools are utilized by multiple types of users including students, marketers, bloggers, and other sorts of writers. This post is oriented on the details about how AI Paraphrasing can assist marketers in describing their products.

What are AI Paraphrasers?

AI paraphraser is an online tool that is used to revamp/restate writing in new as well as unique ways. They operate with the power of artificial intelligence.

Unlike common and old kinds of paraphrasing tools, the AI paraphrasing tool makes several other improvements in the content besides making it unique. An AI rephrasing tool does the following things:

     Replace the Boring terms and phrases with interesting ones.

     Change the tone of writing.

     Removed the clarity and readability of flaws.

How Does an AI Paraphrasing Tool Work?

The working mechanism of an AI paraphrasing tool involves the usage of NLP as well as ML (both are applications of AI). The first technique works to read and fathom the original meaning of input. After the resignation of the primary meaning, the ML (machine learning tech) of the tool comes into play. This tech deals with the creation of output around the original meaning.


Practical Example:

We rephrased the below writing pieces with the assistance of an AI tool. The tool took no time to do alterations and gave our writing a new version.


Our Text:

“Advancements in tech have quickly changed our world. Now, our living styles, the food we eat, sources of transport, and the work we do, have all changed.  Everything has travelled a lot from slow to fast and inaccurate to accurate.”


AI Paraphrased:

"Technology has rapidly innovated our globe. Now the way we live, the food we eat, the sources of traffic and the jobs we do. Everything has changed from slow to fast and from imprecise to precise."

Different Ways Through Which An AI Paraphraser Tool Can Assist To Describe Products

1. It Helps In Making Content Engaging

Engaging content refers to writing that is interesting and compelling to read. Marketers prefer to use engaging words/language while describing their products. They do so to attract the maximum of potential customers and make them spend a lot of time with the content.

However, marketers sometimes can’t craft engaging content for products, due to a lack of creativity, writing skills or other types of reasons. In this scenario, marketers can make their product descriptions engaging with the assistance of an AI paraphraser.

How an AI Paraphrasing Tool Can Make Your Writing Engaging?

As a marketer, you will just have to paste the first draft of your product description into a rephrasing tool. The tool will make it engaging by replacing most of the boring and general words with captivating, compelling, and interesting ones.

Practical Example:

We compiled the below text piece which has most of the general words that are unable to engage our potential clients. So, we passed it through a well-known paraphraser i.e. Editpad’s Paraphrasing tool. The tool replaced almost all the casual words with engaging ones.


Our Casual Text:

“Use our mobile phone to ensure that you can run multitasking and quick apps on it.  Our mobile phone possesses a bright 7.5-inch super display that can bring your material to life with beautiful colours as well as enhanced clarity.”


Engaging Content:

Use our mobile phone to make sure you can multitask and run fast apps on it. Our phone has a bright 7.5" display that brings your videos to life with beautiful colours and greater clarity.”



2. It Assists In Automatically Adjusting the Keywords Density

Keywords are the words or terms for which you want to make your products get ranked. Incorporating keywords of optimal density needs special skills and considerations.


However, sometimes marketers are unable to naturally adjust the density of keywords. They either do keyword stuffing or can’t use the keywords naturally (that could fit the context). If a similar scenario occurs to you, you can get assistance from an AI paraphrase tool.

How to Adjust Keyword Density AI Paraphrase Tool?

For this, you just have to pass the product description through the tool. The tool will remove keyword stuffing by replacing the original terms with new ones (that are their synonyms).


Furthermore, with the tool you can quickly find the appropriate opportunities to embed keywords. Additionally, a rephrasing tool automatically adjusts some LSI keywords throughout the writing. Ultimately, there are chances that your product's description will rank for LSI keywords.


Practical Example:

We compiled a description for one of your products i.e. “Green Light Bulbs”. We found keyword stuffing in its introduction part which is shown below. We pasted that text piece in the AI Paraphrasing tool. The tool optimized the keyword density within no time.


Our Text with Keywords Stuffing:

“Our Multi-colour bulbs are the future of brightness! Multi-colour bulbs are not like the ordinary type of multi-colour bulbs; they are multi-colour bulbs that are effective in redefining a user’s lighting experience. With the multi-colour bulbs users will get reliability as well as efficiency.”


Optimized Content:

“Our multi-coloured lamps are the future of brightness! Different-coloured lamps are different from most multi-coloured bulbs. Multi-coloured fluorescent bulbs are effective in redefining your lighting experience. "Using different coloured lamps provides users with efficiency and reliability.”



3. To Write Multiple Unique Copies of Description

As a marketer, you mostly have to write different copies of descriptions for similar products. For example; if you are offering multiple versions of wristwatches that have most of the features in common.

In this scenario, uniquely describing all of your products is no less than a mystery. This is where you can get assistance from AI Paraphrasing tools.

How To Write Multiple Copies with an AI Paraphrasing Tool?

For this, you should paste the previously written content (about features or other things that are common in all) into a rephrasing tool. After running the tool, you will instantly get a revamped as well as unique output that will convey the same context.

Practically Example:

We had the below features common to all of our laptop products. We wanted to state these features uniquely in all of our product descriptions. We passed them through an AI rephrasing tool and got its new and unique version.


Our Text

Revamped Text

1. The laptop has a clamshell design.

1. The laptop has a frame design.

2. It has a built-in display, keyboard as well and touchpad.

2. Internal screen, keyboard and desktop.

3. It is equipped with SSD storage.

3. Prepared as an SSD storage device.

4. It comes with a long-lasting lithium battery.

4. Comes with a long-lasting lithium battery. 

5. It has a built-in cooling system which prevents all of the internal components from overheating.

5. Built-in cooling system to prevent all internal components from overheating.




4. It Assists In Simplifying Product Descriptions

To describe your products, you should use basic and simple language to make them easily comprehensible for every type of reader. But, sometimes you may be unable to utilize easy-to-understand language. Ultimately, you make the writing complicated/hard to understand. In this scenario, we suggest getting assistance from an AI rephrase to simplify your writing.

How Does an AI Rephraser Simplify Your Writing?

When content/writing with difficult or technical words is passed through a rephrasing tool. It replaces complex words/terms with synonyms that are easy to apprehend, even for basic-level readers.


Practical Example:

We wrote the below text with some obscured and difficult terminology that was complicated to apprehend. To make the text simple, we passed it through an AI rephrasing tool.


Complex Text:

“Do you optate to indict a product description? Let’s expound it first. It is an indicted piece of content that marketers use to provide all the figures about their offerings/products.”


Simplified Text:

“Would you like to include a product description? Let me explain first. Content contains information that merchants use to provide all the information about the products/products they offer.”



5. For Setting the Professional Tone

As a marketer, you need to describe the products in a professional/formal style. However, sometimes you may be unable to maintain a professional tone throughout the writing. An AI paraphrasing tool can assist you in coping with this writing issue.

How To Set a Professional Tone With An AI Paraphrase Tool?

Multiple AI rephrasing tools offer “Formal or Professional” Mode to make you set a professional tone in the writing. You just have to choose the one and paste your writing into it and run it. The tool will instantly revamp the casual or conversation wording into a professional one.


Practical Example:

To check this capability, we created the below sample text in a casual tone. We passed it through an AI rephrasing tool, after setting the tool at “Formal Mode”.

Casual Text:

“We are providing the best as well as new versions of mobile phones that can give an experience that you never had before. To provide our customers with the best of the best, we always bring high-quality products.”


Professional Text:

We are offering the best phones with the latest features that can deliver an experience like never before. To give our customers the best, we will continue to deliver high-quality products.”



Marketers can utilize AI-powered paraphrasing tools to effectively describe their products. The above sections of our post were oriented about the different ways through which AI-based Paraphrase tools can assist marketers in writing high-calibre product descriptions.

A rephrasing tool can assist marketers in making content engaging, writing multiple unique copies, simplifying writing, and setting a professional tone throughout the writing. The tool can do all of these things without breaking the sweat of marketers.