presumably, 'hdnxaxis' is the id of a hiddenfieldcontrol server control? perhaps the id is not what you think

var javascriptxvalue= $.parsejson($("#"+ <%= hdnxaxis.clientid %>).val());

instead of passing strings via an input, you could use server tags to directly inject the values into the page. like this:

<%= "alert('" + mypublicproperty + "')" %>

this should alert you to the value of the property defined in your code behind. you could then set it to a js variable like so:

<%= "var javascriptxvalue = '" + xproperty + "';"  %>

you will need to run this bit of code directly in an aspx/ascx/razor page to set the variables though, i think it's better than relying on a control with a particular id though.

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