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the problem is that "data" expects an array, and you are giving it an object. wrap each object in an array. for example:

"data": [{
        "y": 92,
        "name": "92ms for 83,481,430 requests",
        "color": "#91cb73"

here is your full fix, but it might not give the result you expect, personally i like your first attempt better


fwiw, alternate approach to setting this up:

things to consider:

1) using a legend instead of just directly labeling each bar makes the user do a lot of looking back and forth to see which is which (doing both just adds extra clutter to distract the user)

2) rotating labels always adds more work for the user

3) multiple colors for the bars is not necessary when each bar is labeled appropriately, and again just adds distraction

a horizontal bar chart with no legend and single color for data solves these problems.

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