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Here you can find example how to load three files as series:

So the only difference would be that you are using just one series, and second file will be used for categories data.

In above solution added is some global counter, to render chart after all files are received.

Second solution will be to call second AJAX inside callback for a first one, snippet:

$.getJSON(url1, function(data) {
    $.getJSON(url2, function(data2) {
        // create chart here


If you have two CSV files, this is what you need to change:

$.get(url1, function(data1) {
    $.get(url2, function(data2) {
        // parse data1
        var parsedData1 = ...
        // parse data2
        var parsedData2 = ...

           series: [{
               data: parsedData1
           }, {
               data: parsedData2

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