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I've figured it out finally!

GWT-HighCharts seems to be the problem. It does not add the new YAxis to the Chart at all. So you must add YAxis via native calls like this;

private static native void nativeAddAxis(JavaScriptObject chart, JavaScriptObject axisOptions, boolean isX, boolean redraw, boolean animationFlag) /*-{
    chart.addAxis(axisOptions, isX, redraw, animationFlag);

Just call this native method before adding the new series.

            // Create new series
        Series newSeries = chart.createSeries().setYAxis(index);
        newSeries.setPlotOptions(new LinePlotOptions().setColor(tag.getColor()));
        newSeries.setName(index + 1 + ") ");

        // Create a new YAxis
        YAxis yAxis = chart.getYAxis(index).setPlotLines(chart.getYAxis(index).createPlotLine().setValue(0).setWidth(1).setColor(tag.getColor())).setLabels(new YAxisLabels().setEnabled(false)).setTickLength(0).setOffset(60)
                .setAxisTitle(new AxisTitle().setText(null).setStyle(new Style().setColor(tag.getColor())));

        // IMPORTANT!: New YAxis must be added to the chart via native calls since gwt-highcharts wrapper doesn't do that properly!
        nativeAddAxis(chart.getNativeChart(), yAxis.getOptions().getJavaScriptObject(), false, false, false);

        // Physical attach


please check the index value. if index is more than the axis count this error may occur

highcharts error #18 indicates that the axis trying to access does not exist.

here is the link

Hope that will help you


Here is the cause of this type of errors:

If you are using GWT-HighCharts wrapper, you must make the configuration before adding chart to DOM! It seems that after adding it to the DOM, any configuration changes does not seem to work at all!

Happy coding!

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