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sebastian's comment should answer the actual question, but i have to question using this set up in the first place.

the category itself serves no purpose if there's only one - the x axis title can fill that role, and eliminate any need for adjusting settings to behave normally.

a separate series for each student is definitely overkill, and results in 5 pages worth of legend entries, which can never hope to be associated with the actual student's column, as there are too many repeats of each color (and you're simply not going to come up with 73 distinctly identifiable colors, nor would it be useful to try...)

i would suggest a few things:

1) use a single series for all of the students. you gain nothing by using 73 different series

2) use each student's name as the category

3) forget about multiple colors - they add nothing useful, and there aren't enough of them even if they did

4) make it a horizontal bar chart instead of a column chart.

the result is a much more user-friendly display.


also, if the goal is to show the values in a meaningful way, i would strongly consider sorting by value instead of by name. i realize there may be some argument for sorting it alphabetically, but it really shows the data in a much more understandable way when sorted by value.



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