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make the chart's height dynamic so it has room to show all the labels.

var rowheight = 24;

var chartoptions = {
         chart: {
                type: 'bar',
                height: data.length * rowheight

i just added that var so you can have a constant to play with. the data.length simply gets the size of your data array and makes the height from that. there's a similar question here with some other ideas.


bars will be more tightly packed if you set pointpadding and grouppadding to 0.

there is too much categories to be displayed without overlapping, so you could enable zoom, so you will be able to zoom in into a selected zone to see more details, like all categories ( = axis labels).


if you want to see how all categories, without zoom, are looking then you could use this fiddle: (set through labels : {step: 1} of xaxis)

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