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You really seem to be having a simple asset versioning problem, no reason to highcharts to behave differently in production.

Try clearing your assets and forcing precompiling using:

$ bundle exec rake assets:clobber
$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Then, add and commit your public/assets folder to push into Heroku. I have ran into a lot of trouble trusting that deployment precompile would work as expected. Some times compiling assets gets bugged and you need to change the file before precompiling to perceive a change.

If that doesn't work

You may have a problem with the gem in production, maybe it is inside a development block in gemfile, or maybe even =// require_tree . or any other require that would possibly insert that code before highcharts lib initializing, messing around with the order of the scripts would help (even though your pasted code doesn't reflect that)


Try looking for a .sprockets-manifest file in the public directory and delete it if found (it's a hidden file). If you compiled the assets locally and accidentally committed that file it can prevent asset compilation on Heroku.

You can also try to force a Heroku asset recompile by bumping the asset version in config/production.rb. I.E changing config.assets.version = 1.0 to 1.1 and then push.

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