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You can use plugin for grouped categories, here you can find it:


To solve this problem, u need to stack on a variable that can't stack. Like: series :{

    name: 'boys', 
    stack: 1,
    data: [2, 6, 5,0] 

    name: 'girls', 
    stack: 2,
    data: [0, 6, 1,3] 

} No stacking with 1,2,3,4 e.t.c


I had the same problem, and solved it usign plain HighCharts. It needs some magical datashuffling, but the result is fair.

enter image description here

See here:


Unless there is something else you are not explaining, what you are asking for is the default behavior of a grouped column chart:


all that is required to achieve this is multiple data series and a type of 'column'

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