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You can also set max value i.e as 9.3.


Highcharts allows you to modify the position of individual data labels in the data array. In your example, you would do that like so:

data: [12.10,22.10,9.40,13.40,10.90,10.60,9.70,8.50,8.00,{y:11.90, dataLabels: {y:-8}}],

Here it is in the API:

Although it might be best to move your plotline label underneath the line. In your example, add y:20 to plotLines[0][label].

In the API:


As mentioned in Adam's answer you can go and postion the datalabel of the last point.

instead of data labels I advice you to position the label of the plotLine.

you can control it using the x,y position attributes and aligning it to the left

label: {
    x: -50,
    y: 10

This will be the best solution if your plot line will never overlap with yAxis grid lines.

here is updated fiddle

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