As you can find on the SO forum a lot of users suggest to use wkhtmltopdf to do it. Suggested solutions:

And here is an example of how to create a spider chart in the JavaScript which you should easily rebuild in your project:


Highcharts.chart('container', {

  chart: {
    polar: true,
    type: 'line'

  xAxis: {
    categories: ['test1', 'test2', 'test3'],
    tickmarkPlacement: 'on',
    lineWidth: 0

  yAxis: {
    gridLineInterpolation: 'polygon',
    lineWidth: 0,
    min: 0

  series: [{
    name: 'test',
    data: [43000, 19000, 60000],
    pointPlacement: 'on'

I am also attaching the link to the blog with instruction of implementing Highcharts with Ruby.


There's prawn-svg that can render SVGs into prawn, and so you can make a svg graph and render it inside your pdf.

Highcharts can export SVGs, but to run you should have a javascript runtime, which is possible, but will take some effort to setup and run. So some ruby-level chart library may be more preferable (it you can find one, as most current charting libraries are for client side javacsript).

Easier solution is to use a html-to-pdf converter, like wkhtmltopdf, that popupar wicked-pdf gem is based on. It runs a headless browser, renders the page and exports to pdf. The process is much slower, because for each pdf a separate process with browser in it has to run, and resulting pdf is larger, but you can use familiar web techniques in markup and reuse html views.

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