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changing only options will not work for highcharts - those options are used once for generating chart. if you want to change those options you should call chart.update with new options or a more dedicated update e.g. for series data you can use series.setdata.

how others are handling this:

  1. official highcharts react wrapper highcharts-react is using chart.update - the relevant code line.

  2. third party react-highcharts is rebuilding highcharts chart using new options. it's less optimal, but generally a more secure approach for them (it's third party code, so in case of any bugs they need to wait for the bug to be resolved). relevant code: call renderchart on updates and creating the chart in the renderchart.

  3. third party react-highcharts-wrapper also rebuilds a chart on update - here is explained why.

about animation:

when chart is rebuild (created anew) initial animation runs (unless otherwise specified in chart's animation option) and for dynamic updates like chart.update chart is redrawn with animation enabled by default.

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