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Yep. Each chart is stored within HighChart's Highcharts.charts array. On the page you've linked that currently contains the one chart:

-> [ z.Chart ]

This is an object containing all the data within that chart. We can view it by picking it from the Highcharts.charts array index (0 in this case):

-> z.Chart { ... }

This contains all the information you'd need. Each chart object contains a series property which is an array containing the data for each of the series the chart renders. A data property exists within each series containing all the data within, and the name property contains the name of the series.

For example:

-> "APPL"
-> Array[1774]

HighCharts' documentation is laid out in the same format as the JavaScript object it creates. This can be viewed here:


Actually if you download the page with the chart, you can easily extract the data. It will be stocked in the main *.html file.

It's not the actual data, but rather the positions of every point in the chart. But you'll just have to scale it to get what you want.

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