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I've created a fiddle of what you need here - I've simplified the data series for this example

So basically you take the first 8 points from each array and use those when creating the chart:

series: [{
  name: 'Timestamp1',
  data: processed_json.slice(0, 8)

Then once you've created the chart you need a function that can be called every second:

function addPoints(series1, series2) {
  if (series1.length > 0) {
    setTimeout(function() {
      addPoints(series1, series2)
    }, 3000);

And you start if off with the remaining data, like this:

addPoints(processed_json.slice(8), processed_json1.slice(8));

So basically the function will take (and remove) the first value from the array, and add it to the data series. It then sets a timeout to call itself in one second. It will keep going until there is no data left in the array. I hope that makes sense.

By the way, you may need to think again about how you're displaying this data - you're trying to display the timestamps (which are a huge number) and the difference between them (which is a very small number) on the same scale, which isn't really going to work.

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