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In general Highcharts doesn't support tooltip on labels.

However you have two solutions:


I think I found a simpler solution to this question that just involves Bootstrap and JQuery.


The solution involves ID tagging the puppies and then tooltipping them at the bottom:

$('document').ready(function () { 
    $("#text_title").tooltip({placement: 'bottom', title:"HELLO TITLE!"});
    $("#label_one").tooltip({placement: 'bottom', title:"HELLO ONE!"});
    $("#label_two").tooltip({placement: 'bottom', title:"HELLO TWO!"});

Example also shows how to add tooltips to the title!


you can use formatter to make the label as a div. you can write your own jquery museOver event to it.

formatter: function(){
    return "<div class='myClass'> " + this.value + "</div>"

I hope this will help you

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