There is no height setting properties in the documentation I see. You can use the same code you have used in the question to set the height of the rect, but I saw your svg is going beyond the bounds. So you will need to manually set the height attribute of the svg being drawn also with the script below to let the increased height of the legend to be acommodated inside the svg.

$('.highcharts-container svg').height(heightToIncludeTheIncrease);

I just tried with the developer tools to check if it works. So in conslusion, you will need to increase the containers to acommodate the increased height, starting from the parents of the rect.


Highcharts provides a maxLimit to the legendHeight.

legend: { maxHeight: 475 }

But if the count of items in it is lesser the legend shrinks but the legend wont go beyond the maxHeight. if at all the items are more the navigator starts for the legend.

API ref:

I hope this will be of some use for you

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