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You are returning an array. The formatter expects a string to be returned. It seems to print the separator commas from the array entries.

You have the code:

var s = [];
// ...
return s;

Instead you could do (JSFiddle):

var s = [];
// ...
return s.join('');

This just concatenates the array entries with no separator sign.


This is the default string separator for returning array.

tooltip: {
     crosshairs: [true, true],
     shared: true,
     useHTML: true,
     formatter: function() {

        var s = [];
        s.push('<table><tr><td style="text-align:right;" colspan="3"><b>' + 
         this.x + '</b></td></tr>');
        $.each(this.points, function(i, point) {
            s.push('<tr><td style="text-align: right;">'+
                          '<b><span style="color:'+point.series.color +'">\u25CF</span></b>'+
                       '<td style="text-align: right;"><b>' +' : </b></td>'+
                       '<td><b>' + point.y+'</b></td>'+

        s.push('<tr><td style="text-align:right;" colspan="3"><b>تعداد خبر : ' +
         this.points[0].point.NumberNews + '</b></td></tr></table>');                                   
        return s.join(''); //This will removed comma's, if you want to put an string separator just insert it inside the return//   

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