Refer to this live demo:

If you want the secondary axis to have the same extremes as the primary one then a good place add the new axis is a load event (because it doesn't utilize hardcoded values):

  chart: {
    events: {
      load: function() {
        var primaryYAxis = this.yAxis[0];

          title: {
            text: 'Secondary'
          min: primaryYAxis.min,
          max: primaryYAxis.max,
          tickPositions: [0,  primaryYAxis.max],
          endOnTick: false,
          labels: {
            formatter: function() {
                return this.isLast ? "Maximum" : this.value;
        }, false);

tickPositiones serves to set the exact positions of ticks (there'll be no more and no less than defined). labels.formatter is used to give the second tick a custom string value.

API reference:

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