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Thank you for your wide and clear description!

  1. In this case it is hard to say why the chart is not rendering properly without reproduction of your data fetching. The addSeries feature should work without any issues with the windbarb type series.



in the jsfiddle the onSeries attribute does not work. What is wrong there?

I cannot see it, everything seems to work fine: enter image description here


And finally: is it possible to get the windbarbs above the series graphs and not fixed on the x-axis?

Like in the case of using the onSeries feature? Or render it totally above the plot area?

I'd like to render it above the plot area or in the top of the plot area (like without onSeries it is at the bottom) so all windbarbs in one line.

In this case, you can render the second xAxis and assign the winbarb series to it.



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