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for a global registration:

after you have installed "highcharts-vue" using:

npm install highcharts-vue

register it globally as a plugin in your app.js with:

import highchartsvue from 'highcharts-vue'

next register it as a plugin in your vue object with:


please see the documentation here for more detailed instructions (and how to register it locally in the component).

after installing, your app.js would look something like this:


// import modules...
import { createapp, h } from "vue";
import highchartsvue from 'highcharts-vue'
import {
    app as inertiaapp,
    plugin as inertiaplugin,
} from "@inertiajs/inertia-vue3";


const el = document.getelementbyid("app");

    render: () =>
        h(inertiaapp, {
            initialpage: json.parse(,
            resolvecomponent: (name) => require(`./pages/${name}`).default,
    .mixin({ methods: { route } })

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