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You will want to setup an ajax request to the server that polls every X ms, preferably with jquery like this.

var ajax_path = #{action_controller_path}
function pollData() {
    type: 'get',
    url: ajax_path,
    success: function(data) {
      // update chart
      var series = chart.series[0],
            shift = > 20; // shift if the series is longer than 20          
      chart.series[0].addPoint(data, true, shift);

      setTimeout(pollData, 60000) // Poll data every 60s

On the rails side you will then need to create a Controller#action to feed this ajax request, remember to set your your responds_to to include json. Something along the lines of this, please take this code "as is":

respond_to :json, only: [:polling_action]
def polling_action
  @data_point = Model.get_data
  respond_with @data_point

I think the specifics of how to actually update the chart is stated in the article @nikita-beloglazov referenced: and here for the addPoint (Object options, [Boolean redraw], [Boolean shift], [Mixed animation]) api reference which is what you should call after you have loaded the data point with the ajax polling method.

NOTE: Keep in mind polling data is not an very efficient process unless you know the interval at which the data is being updated. Considering you only need to update this data every 60s this is probably not an issue but just putting it out there for others that might stumble upon this.


There is an example of updating highchart in documentation: Just implement method in controller which returns appropriate data for chart.

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