What I think is that you want to achieve something like this.

You have something like event starting on X date and you want to draw line up to Y date.

So, You are trying to use this using Stacked Bar chart so, you get lines across Y Axis.

If I am correct then I would suggest you to use Highstock, It is one of the library developed by Highcharts.

Highstock is preferred API to create timeline charts.

I have created a sample fiddle which help you to start. Here you go:


So: after much pain and suffering, I was missing this stanza which needed to be passed as configuration for my chart:

              plotOptions: {
                column: {
                  stacking: 'normal'

and even that took me a long time to find, because I had that stanza in there for most of my testing, but had NOT camelCased plotOptions. bangs head on keyboard multiple times and weeps

It's working great now. Other hassle: to get jsfiddle to return json to you over an AJAX call ('/echo/json/'), you MUST POST to it. Took me a while to determine why the heck $.getJSON wasn't working also.

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