this is going to involve much more than simply using highcharts. you are going to have to use some sort of wrapper that will actually render the chart/page on the server-side and then essentially output it as an image. the following are links taken from a post on the highcharts website.

gwt highcharts wrapper

highcharts-server-side-export (with rhino/batik)


you have to setup an exportserver. upon the client sends the highcharts svg file to this service it will be converted to an image. before the server returns the image to the client you can save it to the predefined filesystem.

here you can find a php export server and a java based one. developed by highcharts

these exportservers are setup to remove the temporary created files. you have to change the code a bit to prevent this.

read also this article for more background information on highcharts exportservers

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